From Nowhere to Somewhere, Cath Simard's first commission, is also the first ever photography commission inspired by Artificial Intelligence. The project creates a relationship between artist, collector and AI. The collector will create a piece of art with AI. Then, Cath Simard will create a 1/1 image inspired by the collector's AI artwork. Auction opens November 19th 6pm EST


Examples : Your AI artwork

CATH Simard's 1/1, inspired by your AI artwork


How it all began

A few months ago, I was experimenting with AI, generating landscapes that I wish existed. Then, something clicked in my mind. While some are afraid that AI will replace 'real' art, what if AI triggers the creation of art? Instead of a human creating art with AI, what if AI inspires a human to create art?

Most of the time, I find locations for my work via Google Earth, trip reports and social media. This time, I want an AI artwork to spark inspiration and my exploration of the world.

This project also an opportunity to inspire people to try AI art and explore its possibilities.

  1. Stage I: The Nowhere

    November 8th-18th 2022

    This stage is free and open to everyone. Using Epolabs and Stable Diffusion text-to-image AI technology, participants are invited to create AI landscapes of any style - from realistic to abstract. Each person will get a chance to generate an unlimited number of AI-generated images. Participants have their own gallery with the pieces they generate, where they can also 'favorite' and sort the images they like the most.

  2. Stage II- The Commission

    November 19th-21st 2022

    An auction will determine which person's AI image will "commission" that NFT. The auction, starts November 19th at 6pm EST, and will run for 3 days, with a starting reserve of 0.1Ξ and a minimum increment of 0.1Ξ per bid. Everyone is eligible to bid. You must submit one AI piece from your gallery with each bid. When submitting a bid, you must also title your artwork. You are allowed to generate new images with each bid, or submit the same image from a previous bid.

  3. Stage III- The Somewhere

    Arriving in 2023

    Cath will create a composite NFT inspired by the AI landscape included with the winning bid. She will travel, hike and shoot until she finds the perfect elements to create it. The creation of the 1/1 could take around a year. Cath will document and share every step of the process through a dedicated page on her website that highlights the project. She will mint and transfer the final 1/1 on the collector's platform of their choice. A 1/1 physical print will also be sent to the collector.


Through Stage I we encourage all creators to share their AI artworks on social media using the hashtag #CATHcommission. Five winners will be chosen by Cath on November 15th and be given a mint pass to the "From Nowhere to Somewhere - Creator's collection" as well as a lifetime access to AI Art on The EpoLab after the auction.

The Creator's Collection

Each bidder will receive a free claim to optionally mint their image(s) to the commemorative royalty free, “From Nowhere To Somewhere - Creator's collection” by Epolabs. As an additional gift, each bidder will also receive a 2000 EpoCredits that will allow them to generate additional AI art with Epolabs.

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